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“I thought I had it all figured out until there were too many changes in my practice at once.  I felt I was drowning.  Hiring results plus was like finding a life preserver.  I am now having the best year of my catreer, my life is in total balance, and I feel I can weather any storm now that I have a solid foundation.?/span>

Andrew P.- Woodbury Financial

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Results Plus provides business owners and professionals processes and systems that teach how to master yourself - in order to master your business, enabling people and organizations to achieve better results by aligning values, vision, and performance.

Making Business Building Personal

A training system is only as powerful as its drivers - and all too often the drivers run out of steam before they reach the finish line.  Some don't even make it through the first lap.  There's a reason for this - and it applies equally to an individual, a group, or corporate-wide:  

"You can't force new systems into old thinking."

Simply can't be done.  Unless there is a paradigm shift on a personal core level, where the  power for focus, change, and emotional buy-in exist,  continuous progress toward a desired goal becomes drudgery.  Steve Konig penetrates through the clutter of old beliefs, habits, and routines - to the real driver of change.

"There has to be a connection between our central purpose and what we have to do everyday.   When that happens, the behavioral changes necessary to reach a desired end - flow naturally."

It's within this context that Steve integrates the proven tools and strategies pertinent to the results desired.   Not only is it the most effective way to close the gap between where you or your company is now and where you want to be - it's the only  way to establish the platform for sustainable, long-term results.

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